About us

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Q – Quality

Ant Engineering Plus is passionate about quality. We are committed to continuous quality improvement (CQI). CQI is our way of rethinking and improving both our services, and work processes by involving providers and customers, at all levels, in empowered teams. CQI our commitment to working toward the goals of satisfying our customers by providing more involvement and opportunities for our employees, which will allow them to deliver the services we provide with an emphasis on safety, speed, accuracy, reliability, flexibility, understanding and personal attention

E – Ethic

Ant Engineering Plus is built on trust and aim to be a long-lasting organization. Without ethics and integrity, our fostered culture could crumble and fall, assisted by the greed or ill intention from either within or outside the organization. The emphasis on ethics and integrity is our major attempt on both internal and external stakeholders. This “E” is what we strongly believe to be the major force for all parties to be able to trust each other, be transparent, and work together to create a healthy working relationship.   This in- turn make every one of us prosper in the long run. “We want good people to do good deeds for good people.”

S – Safety

All Ant Engineering Plus employees, from the most senior management through to the our most recently employed staff , are committed to maintaining a safe workplace. Our ZERO Accident Program (ZAP) instills our employees with the conviction that every accident is preventable. Safety is a core value of our company. Through a family of safety related publications we communicate to specific groups of key people in Ant Engineering Plus in order to ensure that our Zero Accident Program message is understood and continuously reinforced.

S – Standard

We have an emphasis on maintaining our standards.  Whether it may it be the high competitive international standard, or any specified standard for an individual product or procedure. Standards are a major part of measuring our accountability in any of our undertakings, and we strive to satisfy and meet all of our customers’ expectations. The customers will be able to expect the deliverables at the same high level and consistency from our service teams. This standard emphasis is embedded in our regular training for our workforce, and also embedded in the training program designed for our Ant Engineering Plus Training Center at Siam Technology College.