System Integration & Project

System integration & Project

Ant Engineering Plus strives to serve you the comprehensive package covering consulting, designing, building, installing, and maintaining. Many customers all over Thailand have recognized our “System Integration & Project Services”. We deliver solutions to various industries that are refinery, oil & gas, petrochemical, and power plant. With years of extensive experience, we ensure the reliable, safe, precise, and accurate solutions.
Ant Engineering Plus is recognized as a market leader in the analyzer service field, Ant Engineering Plus has experience in every type of process analyzer system. Our engineers have gained knowledge in designing and manufacturing pre-fabricated analyzer packages. Our range varies from the rack-mounted analyzers 
to much larger packages with the HVAC shelter for multiple analyses. However, not only Analyzer Package System, we also provide excellent service in Sampling & Handling system integration and Wellhead Control Panel.

In addition to System Integration, Ant Engineering Plus also offers services in several projects to fulfill our customer needs. The projects we have been involved including Fabrication & Assembly project, Water and Wastewater Treatment project, and Fire & Safety Engineering project.

To make us a complete one-stop-solution provider, we offer a comprehensive system warranty. Our warranty covers the entire package including all instruments and analyzer systems, regardless of the brand and make. We are the single point-of-contact for the customers. We guarantee a just-in-time response to any hitch and glitch. This leads to a faster start-up period and provides an overall smoother operation in the long run.

Analyzer Package System


With all the products and services we provide, our ...

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With all the products and services we provide, our ...



With all the products and services we provide, our ...